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The AnaCredit Tool provides to credit institutions a highly effective process for preparing reports to the Deutsche Bundesbank.

AnaCredit Tool

Only the counterparty reference data, the credit data and the historical AnaCredit reports are required for this. The data field descriptions correspond almost completely to the technical specification of the Bundesbank and are therefore excellently documented.

The AnaCredit Tool uses the delivered business portfolio to determine the counterparty reference data and credit data subject to reporting. These are then compared with the data already historically reported to the Bundesbank. The tool automatically generates deletion reports due to expired transactions or transactions requiring correction.

The validated and submittable reporting files are created within few seconds to minutes – depending on the size of the business portfolio. A clear evaluation of the main key figures and validation results allows an initial check at a glance and a comparison with the previous month.

Detailed processing logs show incorrectly delivered data and violated validation rules. After correction of the input data, processing is simply repeated.

Advantages of the AnaCredit Tool

  • Installation and customizing in only five minutes
  • Lightning-fast creation of submittable reporting files
  • Comprehensible: all loans not subject to reporting requirements are recorded with grounds
  • Specialized validation according to the specifications of the Bundesbank
  • Technical validation against the XSD schema
  • Clear presentation of the key figures
  • Simple tabular input format (Excel/csv)
  • Data field description based on the technical specification of the Bundesbank
  • “Privacy by design”:
    • Local data processing – completely without cloud
    • Data economy – core without data storage
  • Resource-efficient:
    • No database required (saves license fees, installation and maintenance costs)
    • No server required
    • No cloud required
    • Runs on standard office PCs on Windows and Mac OS X
  • Future-proof:
    • Regular implementation of new regulatory requirements
    • Very high quality, stability and very good maintainability of the software through a state-of-the-art development process
    • Platform-independent: runs on Windows and Mac OS X (Linux, Java and Docker Containers are available on request)

About the AnaCredit report

The subject of the AnaCredit report is granular credit and credit risk data. Credit institutions resident in Germany and branches of foreign credit institutions are required to report to the Deutsche Bundesbank. Instruments are reported if the loan amount reaches at least 25,000 euros. Loans to natural persons are not subject to reporting.

The report is due monthly and must be submitted by the 6th business day after the end of the month.

Test without obligation

See for yourself. Request a non-binding test version of the AnaCredit Tool by e-mail.