Dirk Ziegemeyer
by Dirk Ziegemeyer


  • One Million Euro Loan
  • Section 14 German Banking Act (KWG)
  • Extranet
  • Deutsche Bundesbank

The software allows banks and other financial service providers to generate the reporting files for loans of €1.0 million or more required under section 14 of the German Banking Act (KWG).

The KWG Million Euro Loan Tool

The Million Euro Loan tool takes the report tables (BA/BA6/BA7), reads and validates them and converts the result to a report file formatted as xml which can be uploaded to the Extranet of Deutsche Bundesbank.

Advantages of the KWG Million Euro Loan Tool

  • Installation and customizing in only five minutes
  • Privacy by design:
    • Local data processing – completely without cloud
    • Data economy – core without data storage
  • Simple tabular input format (Excel/csv)
  • Validation according to the specifications of the Deutsche Bundesbank
  • Technical validation against the XSD schema
  • Future-proof:
    • Regular implementation of new regulatory requirements
    • Platform-independent: runs on Windows and Mac OS X (Linux, Java and Docker Containers are available on request)

About the KWG €1.0 Million Loan reporting

Loans of €1.0 million or more have to be reported to Deutsche Bundesbank. The following entities are required to submit reports according to section 14 of the German Banking Act (KWG):

  • Credit institutions
  • CRR investment firms
  • Own-account dealers
  • Factoring companies
  • Financial services institutions with factoring / financial leasing
  • Social security funds
  • Insurance undertakings
  • Risk capital investment companies

New requirements as from 2019

Regulations change at the beginning of the year 2019. The following additional fields have to be reported as from reporting reference date 2019-03:

  • POS093 Risk weight (CRR credit risk standardised approach)
  • POS094 Average loss given default (LGD)
  • POS104 Non-performing loans
  • POS105 Expected loss (EL)
  • POS106 Exposure at Default (EaD)
  • POS111 Debt securities (POS112: of which in the trading book)
  • POS113 Shares/Equity (POS113: of which in the trading book)
  • POS115 Reverse repo / Securities lending as borrower
  • POS116 Repo / Securities lending as lender
  • POS122 Irrevocable undrawn credit facilities
  • POS123 Revocable undrawn credit facilities
  • POS131 Counterparty risk from credit derivatives as protection receiver
  • POS132 Counterparty risk from credit derivatives as protection provider

The One Million Euro Loan Tool covers all new requirements.

Test without obligation

See for yourself. Please contact me to request a non-binding test version of the One Million Euro Loan Tool.